Freeworld3D 2

FreeWorld3D is a fully interactive real-time 3D Terrain Editor...

FreeWorld3D is a fully interactive real-time 3D Terrain Editor and World Creation Tool specifically designed for building anything from simple game levels to massive outdoor environments.

FreeWorld3D gives you the ability to produce complete 3D worlds and environments in a matter of no time. FreeWorld3D's ease of use and intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to edit and paint terrain in realtime, generate terrain textures, create skydomes, skyboxes and skyplanes, import 3d models, place entities markers, and much more.

Freeworld3D 2. 0 features many improvements from the first version. Lightmap generation time now takes 10% the time it took before, mesh shadows are also now generated.

Collapsing layers takes 1% of the time that it took before. Dynamic reflective water is now supported through the use of pixel shaders in GLSL.

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